Dunbier Trailers

dunbier trailer crop   

We use Dunbier trailers that they cut the bare steel through to final assembly, quality control is an integral part of every trailer. This ensures the finished product is not only impressive but reliable. Dunbier actively fosters a policy of continual product development and the regular enhancement of manufacturing facilities. Customer service, product quality and safety are their top priorities. They are professionally designed to enhance the finished product. it may just be a trailer to many, but they strive for their trailer to be the best available.

Dunbier Marine Products have been manufacturing trailers in Australia for over 40 years!  An Australian family owned company that has a reputation of reliability, Quality and Ground-breaking designs. Dunbier have a wide range of innovative models to choose from that can be fitted and customised for all most any boat. Think carefully about your next purchase… Dunbier is the way to go!

Trailer Models Include: Trailers for Aluminium boats Trailers for Fiberglass boats Trailers for Personal watercraft's Foldway Trailers