Winter Discount Servicing and Maintenance Tips

Don’t neglect your boat in the off-season, book in a winter service and receive 10% off*

5 Winter Maintenance Tips | Keep your boat in peak condition

Tip1: Ensure your boat’s battery is fully charged to assist bilge pumps operating (especially for a moored boat).

Tip 2: Start your motor at least once a month during winter. This will help avoid issues that can arise from infrequent use.

Tip 3: Boat exteriors are kept bright when washed at least every two months. It can help to reduce sun damage and exterior wear from built up dirt particles.

Tip 4: Properly clean and cover your boat’s interior for the winter months when not in use, and don’t leave pools of water on the seats.

Tip 5: Always check your oil and other fluids before running the motor, especially if your boat has been sitting around for an extended period of time.

*Services must be performed before August 31st 2016.